The Law Office of Robert A Gusrae, Esq. is focused on securing and repairing the financial health of people and businesses in South Florida. Mr. Gusrae believes in taking each case by its facts and outlining all the potential avenues to cure whatever problem a client may face.

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Mr. Gusrae brings his expansive knowledge of the laws of Debtors and Creditors to aid his clients in navigating the difficult and, oftentimes, confusing waters of the American Bankruptcy system.

Not all money problems are best solved with Bankruptcy, that's why Mr. Gusrae offers a free initial consultation to diagnose the problems a client faces and explains all the reasonable solutions for you to make the final decision. Robert prides himself on guiding people through financial issues and making sure they can develop a new financial future.

Personal Bankruptcy

Individuals have their own special needs and protections afforded by the system. Whether it is foreclosure, taxes, student loans, credit cards, or a business venture gone wrong, Mr. Gusrae is here to fix what can be repaired and clean up even the worst financial mess.

Corporate Bankruptcy

Businesses don't succeed for many reasons. Sometimes a strategy involving a Corporate Bankruptcy can get a struggling business back in the black. Mr. Gusrae has helped restaurants, veterinary practices, and many other business get a handle of their debts and improve the bottom line.


Some cases don't need a bankruptcy, but a warrior for their rights. Mr. Gusrae approaches each lawsuit from a strategic point of view. Mr. Gusrae focuses his efforts on not simply winning each motion or argument, but winning the war by achieving the goals the Client anticipates. 

Is A Personal Bankruptcy Right for You?


Many people believe a personal bankruptcy is a financial death sentence. In reality a bankruptcy is simply a tool people have to regain control of their financial life and begin anew.

In other cases bankruptcy can be a strategic decision used to maximize a persons protection when they are facing a lawsuit or other financial threat. No matter what causes the financial hardship an individual faces, fighting against banks and lawsuits without the help of an adviser can be overwhelming and lead to mistakes which lead to judgments and property being seized or paychecks being garnished.

These threats can be neutralized by a well timed bankruptcy filing.

In many cases planning out a bankruptcy filing before judgments can be entered or lawsuits even filed, can best protect your assets from creditor's attacks.

Mr. Gusrae offers a free initial consultation where he will hear your situation, break down the options you have, and set out your path for financial freedom.

From time to time businesses small and large no longer can operate in the same manner they once did. Sometimes a restructuring of debt is important to allow for a viable corporation to continue operating. Sometimes a company needs to close its doors and the owner move into the next chapter of their story.

Whether a corporation should file for bankruptcy and what type of bankruptcy is an important decision. Robert Gusrae examines all the assets, liabilities, and transactions of a business to determine what the best strategy is to achieve the results a business owner seeks.

When a company no longer can exist in its current state, Mr. Gusrae will protect you along with your business to limit the lasting effects of a business in decline, and put you and your business on a path to a renewed financial outlook.


Corporate Structuring and Restructuring can be difficult for even a seasoned business owner. As businesses grow and shrink in a rapidly moving economy, a third party perspective is important before a corporation takes on debt in order to expand or settles outstanding obligations.

Sometimes a small business may have run its course and needs to wind down operations in a way that protects the owners of the business.

Mr. Gusrae helps people and businesses do just that.

Whether you want advice on the best mechanism to gain working capital, or whether you just have an idea and want to put it into motion, Robert Gusrae is here to explain the steps and help you build your dream.


From time to time, sometimes through no fault of their own, people don't pay their debts. When they file for Bankruptcy protection, Mr. Gusrae is here to help. Mr. Gusrae prides himself on his ability to examine the case and the debtor's filings and represent your interest.

Robert's experience representing Debtors and Creditors gives him the ability to know the tricks of the trade of both sides.

If someone who owes you money has recently filed for Bankruptcy protection, call now and let Robert Gusrae protect your interest and maximize your rights in collecting.

Some cases require a strong hand to go along with a strategic plan of action. Mr. Gusrae prides himself on representing clients through trying financial times. Be it a business deal gone wrong, a long fought foreclosure, or just plain fraud, Robert Gusrae will fight to get his clients the best possible outcome.

Litigation can be a long process. Each issue can and often times does cause substantial work, negotiation, and posturing. Robert Gusrae examines each case on its own merits and works with his clients to ensure they fully understand his strategy and the range of potential outcomes.

Robert Gusrae will fight for you to ensure that your rights under the law are protected and enforced.