Robert A Gusrae, Esq.

Robert A Gusrae is a homegrown South Florida Attorney. Robert's family moved from Brooklyn, NY when Robert was a young boy. After attending high school in South Florida, Robert went to Brandeis University in Massachusetts where he earned his B.A. in Politics. After graduation Robert attended Law School at the Florida State College of Law in Tallahassee, Florida.

After joining the Florida Bar, Robert began working as an attorney focusing his practice on Personal and Corporate Bankruptcy and Commercial Litigation.

Robert prides himself on explaining the legal process and the law to his clients, allowing his clients to make informed decisions about their own legal matters, and guiding them through, what can often times be, a complex and technical process.

Robert has practiced before Federal and State Court Judges alike and would like to help you with your legal needs.

Call anytime and take Mr. Gusrae up on his free initial consultation.