Is A Personal Bankruptcy Right for You?


Many people believe a personal bankruptcy is a financial death sentence. In reality a bankruptcy is simply a tool people have to regain control of their financial life and begin anew.

In other cases bankruptcy can be a strategic decision used to maximize a persons protection when they are facing a lawsuit or other financial threat. No matter what causes the financial hardship an individual faces, fighting against banks and lawsuits without the help of an adviser can be overwhelming and lead to mistakes which lead to judgments and property being seized or paychecks being garnished.

These threats can be neutralized by a well timed bankruptcy filing.

In many cases planning out a bankruptcy filing before judgments can be entered or lawsuits even filed, can best protect your assets from creditor's attacks.

Mr. Gusrae offers a free initial consultation where he will hear your situation, break down the options you have, and set out your path for financial freedom.